Who Never Needs a Vacation?

Having just gotten off the plane from a two month jaunt to India, I’m finding that this statement is resonating (quite loudly) against the bubbled walls it feels like I’m floating in as I am slowly being re-integrated into my “real” life. For now, I feel like a detached observer, with a brand new pair of eyes. People seem so wrapped up in their current Christmas frenzy, work frenzy, and well…real life.

For someone who was foaming at the mouth two months ago before putting my life on hold, I have no right to judge. And I’m not. I’m simply observing, from the privileged zombie / jet-lagged, “here but not really here” sleepwalking state I’m in.

I haven’t even gone back to work yet, but I’m already day-dreaming about my next vacation.

Which leads me to ask the obvious question: am I reacting to the snow, the cold, the fact that I’m physically removed from a beach OR to my (what I thought was a pretty awesome) life in general? Is this post-travel bliss nostalgia talking? Or something else I should be taking more seriously?

Pardon these musings, just had to get this out before I go into a sleep coma for the next 24 hours.

Even if we attain a “perfect life”, does the sheer fact that it’s ours, full time, make us long for a vacation? Is there such a thing as “a life you don’t need a vacation from”?

I’d love to hear your words of wisdom. Please enlighten me, before I buy a ticket right back outta here! For now, I’m going for a really, really long nap.

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