What Do You Mean?

I made someone cry today.

I made someone cry today, and it made me feel good.

It was right in that moment, when the tears started flowing, that I truly grasped what success is. To me, anyways.

Let’s back up. I’m not a bully, I don’t ENJOY making people cry. I’m simply someone who loves what she does for a living.

To me, design is like my baby. I protect it, I want to spend most of my time with it, and I respect it. I get hurt when others disrespect it, or when I feel that the standards of design that designers hold so dear have been compromised, as they often are in this industry.

I’ve had my shares of difficult periods, difficult bosses, and difficult clients, which all amounted to me at times contemplating switching careers and walking away so that my soul wouldn’t get crushed by the mockery and politics and egos that got in the way of good design.

And THEN, as I started delving deeper into my personal yoga journey, I was also becoming disillusioned by what I was using my design skills FOR.

To some people, success means landing that BIG client. You know, one of those brands whose name everybody knows, because they’re everywhere, even on TV?

To me, the bigger the client, the more uneasy I felt at the sheer purpose of consumerism without a cause.

I loved doing design stuff for the sheer sake of doing it, but the purpose (or lacktereof) of the projects I was at times working on wasn’t sitting well with me. Many of these companies, especially the big ones, are in it purely for profit. Selling stuff to people so that the top brass executives got to stuff their pockets, and that’s that.

No cause, no vision, no purpose. Cash over conscience.

That, among other reasons, was why I went freelance. So that I could be free to choose who and what I worked for.

Over the past 6 months, the universe has been handing me many strong female clients who have a purpose, a cause, and who also happen to want to use their business ventures to put a little bit of good out into the world. Their purpose goes beyond making money, and revolves around things such as empowering others, making people happy, helping social causes, or simply doing beautiful work because there can never be too much beauty in the world.

In other words, their business ventures are fueled by meaning, passion, honesty and purpose. Conscience over cash.

And I feel lucky to be able to do what I love, in order to help these fierce b%$#es communicate their vision, and bring their brands to life.

And so, when you get paid well to do what you love, collaborating with amazing individuals while working on beautiful, inspiring projects which ALSO happen to make people happy AND put out something positive into the world, you feel lucky.

When you can go to bed at night and know that you did something meaningful with your day, you feel really lucky.

But when someone actually cries because she was so moved by the work that you did, well… you feel successful.


Or at least, I did.


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