Going On a Bender

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m going on a bender. Not that kind of bender. You know, the one where you drink yourself stupid and keep going for days, weeks, or until you can’t take it anymore… My bender is slightly scarier and perhaps more senseless. I’m going on a yoga bender.

Let me back up. I’m a 30-something year old living in Montreal. Everyhing is great – I have a loving family, good friends, a loving relationship, and a great career. I am an art director working in the advertising/marketing field in one of the coolest cities ever. I love to travel and create stuff. I’m not lacking anything. In other words, I have no reasonable reason to rethink my whole life’s course. Everything is as it should be, and I should want to stay put and enjoy my life. Right?

However, after having done yoga off and on for almost 10 years, I suddenly and unexplainably got this nagging itch to TEACH it about six months ago. I tried to shake it, but I couldn’t.

I tried to forget it, but the more I did, the stronger the itch became. This itch was a stubborn bitch.

So, knowing better than to fight with myself, I gave in. I am going to India for close to two months to study to be a yoga teacher. It all seems a bit masochistic, especially when I say it outloud: I am spending the equivalent of a down-payment on a house to go across the world, where I will wake up at 5am every day for 4 weeks, and do yoga  for 12 hours a day. And meditate. (Meditating makes me really anxious, by the way). As does sitting still without doing actual things. Every day. For a month.

After that month, I will travel around India for a while to fully process what I have (hopefully ) just survived. Then, I will return to Montreal and let the chips fall where they may. I have no plan other than to go with the flow. Oh, and to not drink coffee, alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do anything harmful to my body for 6 months, starting the minute I step onto the plane to India. In other words, to commit to doing yoga, meditation, and only things that are positive for me for 6 months. As in every day. For 6 months. I’m scared shitless.

This blog will serve as my outlet throughout this experiment. I will be feeding it with pictures, drawings, words (there WILL be ranting, you’ve been forewarned!!!) to document this experience. THIS is a yoga bender. Let’s see what happens.

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