As David Bowie’s C-c-c-ch-changes blasts in the background, I can’t help but reflect on not only this creative chameleon who transformed himself time after time after time, and inspired millions of people around the world. I’m also reflecting on this simple, 6 letter word: “CHANGE”, and how powerful it can be if you decide to willingly embrace it.

Especially given all the wonderful things that are streaming into my life lately, which coincide with some deliberate decisions on my part to shake things right the f_%ck up, get out of all my last remaining comfort zones (well, almost), and seize all new opportunities by the kahunas. Or, if you want it put in a less PC kind of way, “take life by the balls”, throw fear of whatever aside, and make some c-c-c-ch-anges.

A friend of mine recently commented on how happy and energetic I’ve been lately, and how every time she sees me there is something new and exciting happening. It’s true. I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air, building a lot of new bridges, and trying out many new things, scary as they may be. I might fail, but so what? I might also shine. I’m in a zone of not only consciously building new ventures, but also of simply saying “yes” to things, and life is delivering. I’m putting myself out there, and changing old habits and patterns at the same time. And life is getting better, not by chance, but by deliberate and purposeful change.

So when my friend said to me: “I think I need something new, I’m in a rut”, I asked her if she was willing to change something, (anything, really) in her life. Her response? “I’m scared. Now’s not the right time”.

My response to her was this:

Every day, a man comes and sees the oracle. Every morning, he tells the oracle that he really, really, reeeeeally wants to win the lottery, and each evening he returns without having won a cent. This goes on for months, until one day, he shows up, defeated by life, and he asks the oracle:

“WHY haven’t I won the lottery?” “WHY am I unlucky?” “WHY not me?”

Oracle: “Have you bought a lottery ticket?”

Man: “No.”

And there you have it. Your life gets better by change, not by chance.

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