5 Life-Changing Lessons From the Dead

I’d like to share an incredibly inspiring and life-changing story with you. It’s not mine, nor do I wish it were. It’s a tragedy, followed by a miracle. I don’t think I would want to be quite so unlucky and lucky at the same time. Would YOU? Read on and let me know…

This woman’s story is uniquely astounding: she was literally on her deathbed in a coma as her organs were shutting down after having suffered excruciating pain for four years from terminal cancer. She was riddled with tumors, could no longer breathe or eat, and the doctors gave her only hours to live. She was ready to die and escape the body that had tormented her for too long. In fact, she WANTED to die. She’d had enough pain.

Miraculously, she came back to life and is now cancer-free; lucky for us, she lived to share her story and how it changed the way she approaches life.

She explains what she experienced while in her coma, the clarity and insights she was hit with, and the higher consciousness that exists outside of what we see, know or even believe while in our physical bodies. The link to her TedTalk is at the end of this post, and her words are much more powerful than any summary I can offer you, so I really hope you watch it.

If you don’t have time to go there, I’ve tried to summarize what she has learned and consequently applied to her life since she got a second chance to live it better.

Here are the 5 life lessons she shares with us. It’s not every day that someone literally comes back from the dead, so let’s put our skepticism aside and read on:

1. Focus your awareness on love.
What we focus on expands and becomes our experience, so put your awareness onto things that are good. There is nothing better than love, and it starts with loving ourselves. This is not selfish: the more love you have for yourself, the more you have to give away to others and to the world.

2. Live life fearlessly. We are born fearless, but as we grow older we learn to fear everything: food, failure, people, the unknown, you name it. Most people think that fear keeps you safe. It doesn’t. It keeps you from growing and trying new things. It keeps you and your world small. Let it go. Get out there and live without fear. You may fail, but so what? You might succeed.

3. Get as much laughter, joy and humour in your life as you can. Again, we are born knowing joy. Kids laugh all the time, but it gets conditioned out of them as they grow up. Finding joy in life is more important than any other spiritual activity you can think of. Besides, laughter is good for your well-being and your health.

4. Life is a gift. Unfortunately most of us live it as if it’s a chore; it’s only when we are faced with losing it that we realize its value. Even our challenges are gifts and opportunities to learn and grow. If you’re faced with a challenge and don’t feel like it’s a gift, it just means you haven’t gotten to the end of it yet.

5. Always be yourself
. Be as YOU as you can be. Shine your light as brightly as you can. Embrace your uniqueness and get to know who you are.

Her metaphors on how we see the world and our awareness while in our physical bodies are thought-provoking, as is the way she approaches life now, after having lived through this experience. Find her story from her own mouth and her inspirational words in the link below:


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